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Recreates Responsibly Contest!

Gov. Jared Polis has made wearing a mask indoors in public places mandatory in Colorado as we work to limit the spread of COVID-19—but what about outdoors? Wearing a mask on the trail or when in proximity to others outdoors is the key to responsible recreation in these trying times. If we recreate responsibly, we can make a difference when it comes to getting back to normal. We know that you have been doing just that—wearing masks while hiking, biking, climbing, running, or just out near others. Now is the time to show everyone how you are stepping up. We want to see your best photos of you and/or your family and friends recreating responsibly, wearing masks or face coverings in the outdoors. All entrants serve as a great example to the outdoor community and the winners, voted on by EO readers, will receive THIS AWESOME PRIZE PACK! So let’s see it.

We are sorry, but this contest has finished!